Sunday, October 3, 2010

Casual Game

I decided to kick off this blog with a casual game with one of my friends. I played a King's Pawn opening and he replied with the Scandinavian Defense, d5. The game progressed with normal development play, and in the mid-game, I formed a plan to attack the king side.

I knew that Bh6 would create a weakness in the king side that I could exploit with my queen and knights should my opponent choose to capture the bishop. I started to maneuver my pieces over to the king side in anticipation of the attack. After moving Ne2 my opponent moved Nc6xd4 to which I recaptured with Ne2xNd4. After this, my opponent formed his own attack on my king side after c5, Nd4xf5 , Qc7, putting pressure on my h2 pawn. I replied by blocking the diagonal with Ng3, blocking the queen and bishop's scope of the diagonal with my knight protected by two pawns. After his next move, I carried out my plan and offered up the bishop sacrifice with Bh6. My opponent thought for some time, then decided to decline the trade and instead attack my Knight on f5 with his bishop. The game continued, and I took the g7 pawn with my bishop. My opponent replied by threatening my knight on f5 which I ignored and took the rook on f8 with my bishop and my opponent then captured my knight. After some repositioning moves, I moved Qg5+, forking the king and bishop. The game looked like this.

After my opponent moved Kh8, I captured the bishop and my opponent resigned.


  1. interesting blog. i love chess!

  2. I'm only a (very) casual player, but I'll give this a follow.
    Chess is always interesting.